Man has been a tool user pretty much since he climbed down out of the trees.  From the cavetime he found that a chipped stone could cut, until today, man has used tools to control and shape his environment.

At some point, probably not long after he got the saber toothed tigers to stop eating him, man found he could use tools for more than just survival.  He found that he could use tools to make things that didn’t necessarily contribute to his survival.  He found he could make things that allowed him to express himself, to push the boundaries of design.  He found he could create.

Woodworking in the modern era has often been about just that, creating.  While many of the necessities of life are created with wood, many things of beauty and function are as well.  Often just the act of making something with one’s own hands will stir a sense of creation as old as man himself.  Perhaps even a bond to our primitive forefathers.

This blog is my way of expressing that bond, of passing on what I have discovered about our past, while showing the works that have helped me understand how our ancestors must have felt about their creations.

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