Time to Build Some Calluses

Started working this week on a new table for our dining room.  We have decided to get rid of our RtG glass top modern unit with a drop leaf harvest table.  After surfing for one in vain across the web (at least one that met our specs), it was decided I would build one.

After playing around with the designs, figuring out wood types, and getting the first batch of materials in, it was time to get to work.   I started off working the cherry 3x3s that will be the legs with my #7, aiming to get two faces flat and square.  I plan to finish them off with my thickness planer, insuring a uniform thickness, before cutting the tapers on the table saw.   After a while working on the first leg, I noticed that my hands began to blister in places they hadn’t in a long time. It was then I figured out that it’s been a long time since I’ve done any work like this.  The blisters weren’t the only issue.  It took me a few extra passes to get things as flat as I wanted.  Clearly I need to clean the rust off my technique.

I’ll post some photos in the coming days/weeks, to show the progress.  I also plan to do more of the work by hand, just to keep things sharp.

P_20150622_104805 P_20150622_104756


Here are the leg blanks.  I got them on Ebay as I couldn’t find what I wanted at a reasonable price anywhere else.  3×3 cherry, 31″ long.  Here they have been planed square, truing two faces by hand, then finishing up on the thickness planer.  The final length will be 28″ (my wife is only 5′ tall, and a “standard” height is too much).


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