Monthly Archives: August 2016

Anarchy Reigns!! At last

When I first started woodworking after retirement, I was operating as a combination power/hand tool shop.  The intention was that someday I would transition completely, and use hand tools for all my work.   My plan was that as my power tools died, I wouldn’t replace them.

Well, last week I struggled with my dust collector so I could plane some wood for a project.  Nothing large, just a few pieces.  I noticed I wasn’t exactly enthused about working with the collector, and when the plastic bag developed a hole and shot a cloud of dust into the air when I turned it on, the camel’s back snapped.  I shut the machine off, unplugged it, and returned to my bench where I used my newest #4 and 5 to plane the pieces down to size.  It went so quick, I decided then and there to take the plunge.  I am officially a hand tool shop.  Well, mostly.  I need to replace my power lathe with a treadle model.  And, hand tools don’t work with plywood very well, so any repairs to the house may need some electrons, so I’ll keep a few hand tools around.  But, from this point on the conversion proceeds in earnest.

I’ve got this anarchist thing down, I already have the beard.